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Best Tax was established in March 2013 with an aim of providing affordable bespoke accounting and tax related services to individuals, businesses, UK and offshore trustees.

Sameera Nathoo is the sole practitioner in the firm. Her profile is below.

Best Tax's office is Putney, Central-South West London. 

Best Tax’s aim is to provide a professional yet personal service to its clients. Clients are welcome to our office by appointment and there is email and phone support during the year.

Best Tax’s accounting clients are owner managed service based businesses and trust service providers both in the UK and outside the UK.

Best Tax's taxation clients are individuals and businesses whose affairs have foreign income, benefit from trusts and international tax element. We help these clients by working closely with other professional advisers, tax lawyers, solicitors, tax barristers and offshore trust service providers.


Initially Sameera started working with small owner managed businesses handling their accounting and tax compliance. From 2014, the firm started handing complicated UK and offshore tax issues especially to do with Liechtenstein Disclosure facility which was ending in December 2015 due to which there was an influx of eligible UK taxpayers to disclose their offshore tax affairs. Although the Liechtenstein Disclosure facility has now closed, the firm continues to handle voluntary disclosures from jurisdictions like Isle of Man, Jersey, Guernsey and Switzerland as these are the places where most of UK residents hold offshore assets. 

Sameera works side by side with other tax practitioners, solicitors and tax barristers in London on these tax disclosures. 

In addition, the firm now also has offshore trustees clients who need the affairs of their clients with UK tax issues to be handled correctly and properly. These would mostly be UK settlor or beneficiaries of non-resident trusts, or underlying companies holding UK properties. Sameera frequently travels to these offshore centers to assist the trustees and hold meetings with the trustees. Many times the offshore trustees need the client accounts to be forensically investigated and where needed a disclosure is made to the UK tax authorities. Once the disclosure is finalised, Sameera continues to handle the regular compliance for the client on behalf of the trustees and work alongside the UK end client’s existing accountant. 

Increasing number of firm’s clients are also UK domiciled or non-domiciled individuals who need to comply with UK compliance filling with regards to their foreign income and gains.

The firm is still continuing to handle small owner managed business accounting and tax compliance, but the bulk of the services are now to do with UK-international tax, international clients, UK & offshore trusts as described above. 

Updated : March 2017
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Sameera's profile

trust and tax accountant in London
trust and tax accountant in London
Sameera is a Certified UK Accountant and UK-International Tax Consultant. 

Sameera is a member of Institute of Certified Practicing Accountants (ICPA) and Society of Trusts & Estate Practitioners (STEP).

Sameera is from Tanzania. She moved to London in 2007. She did her BA in Accounting at Institute of Finance Management in Dar-es-salaam and was member of Tanzania's National Board of Accountants & Auditors. 

In 2010 Sameera studied MA in Taxation from University of London’s Institute of Advanced legal studies.

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