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Testimonials from some of our clients

John P on January 12, 2017
Dear Sameera
May I place on record my appreciation for the thorough and professional manner in which you assisted Stephen in preparing a successful LDF submission on my behalf.
I now have a welcome sense of relief that my liabilities have been settled and my conscience is at ease.
Best wishes for 2017. With warm personal regards. 

James B on June 30, 2016
Sameera Nathoo of Best Tax and Accounting Solutions has spent the past few months guiding me through a complicated tax procedure. (LDF disclosure)
Her professionalism, her profound understanding of tax affairs, her attention to detail and her keen inventiveness have been beyond reproach. They have led a very successful conclusion. Without her help, the result could have been far from happy. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone in need of professional assistance. 

Ovie S. Oba on May 5, 2015
Since we started working with Sameera in 2013, we have been impressed with the high level of service offered. Whether it’s helping with our company tax/VAT returns or effectively managing my personal tax affairs, she has delivered great results. With Sameera’s help, we have now been able to streamline our accounting process, saving us valuable time. Thereby allowing us to focus more on running and growing our business. 

Tomasz Jureczko on August 31, 2014
It’s 3rd tax year that Sameera is doing accounts for my company. Amount of time and care that I receive from her is just extraordinary. Sameera gives me really personalised service. Her tax advices are perfectly tailored for my needs as she understands my business and financial situation well. I really glad that Sameera’s is my accountant and I strongly recommend her services to anyone interested.

Courtney E. Adams on August 6, 2014
'At her core, Sameera is an incredible person. As an accountant, her expertise, commitment and work ethic are outstanding. Sameera brings to her work grounding and sensibility, she knows her stuff and is confident in every way!. Having had numerous accountants throughtout my life, and throughout the world, i can safely say the Sameera is the best. most reliable, knowledgeable, and personable that i have ever known!. I highly recommend Sameera as a person, and as an accountant!. Thank you for everything Sameera!'

Lenka Novakova BSc (Hons)on December 24, 2013
'Sameera's expertise in tax field is reflected by her unique interest and knowledge. She is very reliable and trustworthy and absolute pleasure to work with.'

Amar Shah, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley on October 10, 2013
'Sameera worked for our family business which was a leading carton manufacturer in Tanzania. Reporting to the CFO, she was directly responsible for preparation of accounts and managed a team within the finance department. Sameera was very much committed in her role and sought to provide a high level of work in an ever changing tax and regulatory landscape. She was a valued and respected member of the team.' 

Robert Tyson on September 05, 2013
'Sameera was very easy to work with - she was professional, efficient, and used a lot of common sense. She also pro-actively made suggestions to help us make savings, which I know from experience is not the case with many other accountants! I look forward to working with Sameera again.'

Tom Flanagan on September 02, 2013
From my first informal meeting with Sameera I was totally convinced that she would be able to handle any of my accounting issues, as she came over confident and professional and was able to get right to the point of what my needs were, and with efficiency and speed I have all my immediate concerns finalised and cannot recommend her high enough. 

Julien Beaudet on August 26, 2013
I am so glad and lucky I met Sameera (Nathoo). She, as an accountant, is reliable, honest, always available for me and my questions, with an excellent eye for detail, which is extremely important. With her, I truly feel that the accounting side of my business is in safe hands, and it allows me to totally focus on what is really important to me: my business and my customers. Sameera is always here to help and very friendly, too. She is definitely on top of things. A great person to work with. Highly recommended! 

Massimo Gioiella on August 13, 2013
I met Sameera in 2008 during a Finance and Investment CPD. We recently engaged in projects dealing with tax compliance and tax planning for clients based in UK and abroad. Working with Sameera is always constracting, demanding but at the same time enjoyable. She is always careful to details and her knowledge about tax and accounting bring valuable contribution to clients. I would recommend Sameera to clients which care about good quality work. 

Agnieszka Rucinska-Mannick on June 22, 2013
I met Sameera on business training courses and workshops several times, we were solving problems together and she approach every business task with professional matters. Sameera is creative, have fantastic analytical skills and extensive knowledge about finance and taxes. I am certain that dealing with Sameera's you will benefit with excellent and professional service. 

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